Archived page is still live


We're having a problem with a page which we've archived but is still live on our website.

This is the page we want archived:

We don't want this page live on our website anymore. Could you please help us to archive it/remove it?


Hello @anna.tavoi, welcome to the Community.
This usually happens when your project is statically built. When you make changes to your documents, create, update, or archive, you need to rebuild your project for these changes to appear.
Do you have access to your codebase and the deployment service?

Thanks @Pau - I don't have access to the codebase. Is there no way to delete a page without doing a rebuild? I'm trying to be self-sufficient, but can speak to our developers if there's no alternative.

Hey there, no, you do need to rebuild the project to see the changes. You can ask the developer in charge of your project to configure Webhooks. This way you don't have to depend on them making rebuilds of the project. Next time the rebuilt could be done automatically.

Here's the document for Webhooks: