Deleted Page Is Still Publicly Accessible

I archived one of our pages that was on our website and it's still showing up when linked to or when typing the URL in manually. Since archiving didn't work, I duplicated the page, deleted the original that was published and left the duplicate unpublished, however, that didn't solve the issue as the page is still accessible to anyone who types in the URL or clicks on a 3rd party website that links to it.

Can anyone let me know what I'm missing?

Hello @brian.gump, thanks for joining the community.

We'll need a bit more information to understand your use case better:

  • The URL of your repository
  • Name of the Custom Type and UID of the document
  • The URL of the page that is still visible online


Thanks, Pau. Is there any way we can solve the issue privately in DM's? Thanks.

Sure thing :wink:

If your project is statically built, and you don't have any webhook triggers that enable automatic builds, your site won't be able to see which docs are still published or not whenever something changes.