Deleted page still appears on live website

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I was creating a duplicate version of a live website in order to test how the new version would look like. Accidentally, I published the page. However, I realized this right away and un-published it as well as archived and deleted it afterwards. The issue is that this specific page is still live an accessible, even though it does not exit in the CMS anymore. I was able to cut the ties to parent pages though, which means that you can only access it when knowing the exact URL.

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I emptied the browser cache, deleted the page, used different devices und triggered the webhook in the settings once more.


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It looks like the changes you made might need your project code to be rebuilt and redeployed. If you can't access the code, you might need help from your dev team for these changes. It's also a good idea to set up webhooks to automate such updates in the future.

Regarding the page still being accessible after unpublishing, archiving, and deleting it from the CMS, this could be due to caching or how your site handles content updates. Try clearing caches or checking with your hosting provider to prevent old content from being served.