Are pull requests still considered?

Hi everybody.

A few weeks ago I opened a small PR on the PHP SDK repository: Add an Api Factory to make Api mocking easier by ecourtial · Pull Request #172 · prismicio-community/php-kit · GitHub
but did not get any answer so far. Is this SDK still maintained ?


Hi Eric,

Welcome to the Prismic community and thanks for adding this PR.

In fact, we are planning to move this kit to the Prismic community Github organization, and we are actively looking for community code maintainers for this kit.

In the meantime I will have a look at this PR and get back to you ASAP,

Thank you @Fares

we are actively looking for community code maintainers for this kit.

We may contribute as we are basing some of our projects on it. This is why I already made this small PR.

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Hi @Fares Any news on this matter :slight_smile: ?


May I have some more input about the PR you have created? you are deprecating a method that you reuse later!

Looking forward to your reply,

Of course.
So the idea is in the first time to ask developers to use the new method in the factory. This method is just a bridge to the old one. The goals are:

Long term goal (next major version of the SDK)

  • To use the best practice to have a factory instead of a singleton mixing both instantiation logic and logic (the Api::get() method has two different roles, which is not appropriate).

Short term goals:

  • Be able to mock easily the creation of the connector.
  • This way to proceed do not create BC breaks.
  • In the next major release of the SDK, the method get() in the factory will contain the new logic of instantiation of the connector while it would have been removed from the Api class. It would leave some time to developers to prepare to the transition.

Explanation: using indirectly the deprecated method allows to prepare this "migration" slowly and with minimal changes in the code, hence minimizing the risk of breaking something.

As explained in my PR, I am note sure if we should allow ...$args in parameters or be more accurate and duplicate the method signature of the target Api::get() method.

Thanks, @eric.courtial for this extensive explanation, that makes total sense.

As I have mentioned before we are planning to move this kit to the Prismic community organization to make it totally managed by the community (we need to update those kits before moving them).

And for that, we are looking for code maintainers for our kits.

In fact, have already moved some of our kits and assigned community code maintainers to them.

So my question is; do you have an active interest in being a code maintainer of this kit?

Yes I have interest to participate, to be one of the code maintainer of this kit.

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Awesome, I will add you as a code maintainer once we move this kit to the Prismic community org.

And regarding the PR I have added the information you have provided, reviewed it, and I asked our dev team to have a final review and merge.

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