Avif instead of webp

Good morning everyone, how are you?
I am writing to you regarding the Avif format.
When I make an API call (nuxt) I get Avif images instead of webp (with Chrome).
Is this correct?
Maybe I don't know enough about it, but I would like to ask you how do I change it to webp.

Thank you so much

Hello @leonardo-angelucci, thanks for joining the community!

Could you send us the URL of the file?
Have you checked if the original file is returned properly in the API response?

Hello @Pau,
Thanks for getting back to me.
here the url file:


In chrome the result of this file (and all the others) is avif.


do you have any news?
Thank you

Hey there @leonardo-angelucci.

The image you shared is a JPG file. Could it be that you have two identical images in different formats?

Do you use any kind of image management service outside of Prismic? These types of tools do automatic image format conversion. Such as from Webp or JPG to AVIF.

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:
I'm not using services external to prismic.
I have uploaded images (jpg) to prismic and I get avif directly from your api.

If I do an upload of a jpg, your api should return a webp to me if the browser supports it, is this correct?
Thank you

The API will return the same file format you upload to the Media Library.
The only automatic transformations done automatically are related to image compression:

Hello @Pau ,
May I ask you as a courtesy, how come I get avif files if I have uploaded jpgs?
Do you know what it could be?

Thank you so much

Hey Leonardo. Yes, I'll be happy to help. Although, I'm not sure what is the reason why the format is changing within your site. The API will always returns the same format that you added to your documents. It can be some configuration within your code. For example, <nuxt-img> has a format property that allows you to change the format in which images are served: <nuxt-img>.

Is it possible that you're using this component?