Import error with svg and avif image format

Hi team,
I’ve found a problem with importing json with containing svg and avif format of image url. When it's getting imported into prismic, they do not trigger a warning. But they trigger an error and make the release without the json file containing one of those images. Any ideas on how we can get around with this?


Hi @patrickzsy

Thanks for reaching out.

To reproduce this issue, I would need your repository name and a sample zip file that you are importing (you can share it in a private message).

It will be helpful to share some screenshots of any errors you are getting.

Hi @Fares , thanks for your reply. I have sent a DM to you.

Hi @patrickzsy
I have been able to reproduce the issue and I have created for this an issue in our tracker, and we will let you know in case of any updates.

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Hi @patrickzsy

I've got some updates about this issue, mainly there are 2 workarounds that might work for you until a fix a produced
1: Changing the meta of SVG manually and retrying the import
2: First import from the media library and then reference it in the imported JSON files.