Importing image file error - help!

I've searched to see if anyone else has reported this, but can't find anything. I'm so close to uploading my content but am getting stuck on this last final point. I appear to have an issue with importing a small single jpg file with each json document.

(I'm aware of the limits on 200 json docs per zip file, and the 100Mb zip file size limit - am experiencing this with just a single test document as I debug).

I have a custom content type with a few tabs, within one I have an image field with an API id of "coat_of_arms". I want to load "2.jpg" with a json file, so have included a section:

"coat_of_arms1" : {
"origin" : {
"url" : "2.jpg"

When I try and upload the json file it almost succeeds, but reports:
Missing field '/size'
Missing field '/height'
Missing field '/url'
Missing field '/kind'
Missing field '/id'
Missing field '/name'
Missing field '/width'

So I now have:
"coat_of_arms1": {"origin": {
"url": "2.jpg",
"id": "",
"size": "",
"height": "",
"width": "",
"kind": "image",
"name": "2.jpg"

I therefore tried to add these fields into the json (I included a value of 'image' for the kind field, used the filename for the 'name' field, and I already had the url field. But I just got the same error again.

I just can't see what I'm doing wrong here. Any help most welcome!

Hello @andrzej ,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

When you import a new image, these fields(size, height, etc.) are not required. These fields are generated once the image is processed by imgix in Prismic. You may get a warning, which you can ignore for the moment.

Thank you,

Hi thanks for this. I have tried without these fields too (that was my original approach as your documentation suggested this; but, I unfortunately still see the exact same error.

Any other ideas?

oh and I should add, when I see the error, it's shown as 'fatal' so can't upload the document.

@Priyanka - did you get a chance to investigate any further as I'm still stuck on this issue. Thank you!

Hello @andrzej

To further investigation, I need the following:

  1. The URL of the repository.
  2. JSON file that you want to import along with the image.

Could you please share these with me? You can send me a private message.



Hi @Priyanka - did you get my PM yesterday. Any luck spotting the issue? Would be good to share the solution here to help others in the user community too :slight_smile:

Hello Andrzej,

I have tested Import-export with your repository and the Zip file you have sent me. I found two issues in your profile Custom Type:

  1. Name field is a Key Text field but configuration in the ZIP file of the Rich text field. Either change name field configuration to Rich text or change JSON in the file "TestFam.json." I have changed in the JSON file like: " name": "Addington,"
  2. To Include images in your ZIP archive, give the Image field rather than the media link field in the profile Custom Type. Change the JSON reference in Testfam.json. You don't need to give "type" and "kind" keys.
"coat_of_arms1": {
    "origin": { "url": "10.jpg"}

Please follow this guide for JSON reference.

Let me know if you have any other doubt.


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