Unable to import docs to Prismic

While importing documents to my Prismic, I am getting error.expected.jsarray : /key/value. Can anyone help in finding out what's the exact issue that is causing this?


Thanks for reaching out to us.

To debug the Import/Export issue, I need the following:

  1. Prismic repo URL.
  2. Zip file of Json that you want to import.

You can send me a private message.


Hello @headout,

Sorry for the delayed response. it takes time to debug as you have many files.

I found an issue in one of your JSON files:
YibnKhAAACIA5IEg$c19637ba-7c33-423e-94a6-dc4d5661e8a4 copy.json.zip (11.3 KB)

In this file, The Slice listicle has image_url property is given as an object, but it's a Key Text field in the Custom Type content_framework.
It will successfully import the file if you change it to a string:
"image_url": "Link_OF_URL",

I have found this issue in one file. You need to check other files too.

Give this a try, and let me know.


@headout You need to make changes in these three files:

Thanks Priyanka! It works.

Great. Let us know if you need any help.