Batch publish multiple documents from the Document Browser as part of a release

Feature Idea (one per thread):

We want to select multiple documents in the Work tab of the Document Browser, and then publish them as part of a release.

Presently, we can select multiple documents and publish them-- but this is limited to publishing now.

Issue that it solves:

We have to create a sizable batch of dozens of documents each week that must be published together at a specific time. Presently, our only option is to individually, one-by-one open each document in the writing room, choose "Publish", choose "Publish during a release", choose the release, click "Add to release", then we are in the Planned view of the document so we must navigate back to the Document List of the Planned tab, then navigate to the "Work" tab and then we are ready to repeat the process for the next document. That's 8 clicks / interactions per document. Now repeat that dozens of times. On a Friday afternoon when you are ready to go home. This is tremendously tedious for the person responsible.

If the current feature for selecting and publishing multiple documents was extended to give us the same publishing options we have from the Writing Room editor (now, scheduled, add to release), the currently tedious process could be completed in under a minute.

Please knock this one out and let this poor person go home their family 30 minutes earlier every Friday. :wink:


This is great feedback for the writing room. I'll share it with the editor team and create a feature request.

We don't have an ETA for new feature requests, but you can always check out our progress page and see all our current work in progress!

Thanks, @jeremy2!

Great! Thanks for being so responsive!