Feature Request: Merging VCM

Feature Idea (one per thread):

Ability to have some ability to merge a previous and a new/queued version
Issue that it solves:

Our team is becoming more active within prismic and it would be nice if there was an ability to opt-in for a diff check of some sort when one release has new features that another release isn't aware of, particularly when publishing. We've been having issues with work being overwritten due to a feature being added by one team and then removed by another

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Hey @kevin.reevers,

Thanks for sharing this idea!

When you say "new features," do you mean features in the content or features in the Custom Type and Slice models? Or something else?


Thanks for getting back @samlittlefair, I was thinking custom type particularly the documents. We've been running into issues with out marketing and content teams leveraging the releases and unfortunately overwriting each other's changes. It would be nice to either have it as a option to prevent from parsing through archives creating a merge of the previous document and the overwritten current

Hey @kevin.reevers,

Thanks for clarifying.

So, to understand better, the issue is:

Content creators on your team will create two different releases, so they see an interface like this:

They don't replicate changes in each release. One release gets published with changes. Then, another release gets published and overwrites the changes from the first release.

So, you'd like to see an option where you can select two version to merge. The editor would display a diff checker and allow you to select changes to merge or ignore. Is that correct?

Any other detail you can add would be helpful!


Yes that's exactly it

Okay, I'll share this feedback with the product team. Thanks, Kevin!

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