Overwriting other editors' published changes

My team has observed that if two authors open the same document at the same time, make independent changes, and save, Prismic detects that there is a potential conflict and displays a warning before the second author saves the document. However, if the first person to finish their change saves AND PUBLISHES, then the second person doesn't receive any warning -- instead, their save will completely revert the first author's changes.

Is this the expected behavior, or is there a way to prevent authors overwriting each others' published changes?

Hey @michael.haines ,

Thanks for flagging this! It sounds to me like a bug, so I'll submit an issue with our dev team. Could you let me know the repo or repos in which you've seen this behavior? (You can send me a DM if you want.)


Thanks, @michael.haines. I got your DM, and I've submitted a ticket with the dev team. I'll let you know what they say :slight_smile:


Is there any update to this bug? We are having the same issue of admins overwriting each others content - there's no alert if one person goes into a document and makes changes and someone else happens to at the same time. Thanks!

Hey @noel ,

Thanks for following up. I don't have an update, yet. I submitted a ticket with our dev team, and they prioritized it. I'll follow up with them on Monday and get back to you.


Hey @noel and @michael.haines,

We've discussed this internally, and this is what we came up with:

Strictly speaking, this is expected behavior. When two users try to save a draft, they will get a warning, because there is a conflict in the draft. But if one user publishes a draft and another user tries to save a draft, there is no conflict; the draft version and the published version are separate.

Having said that, we noticed that when the second user saves, there's no indication that the currently published version has changed. The sidebar still says that the original version is the most recently published. So, the dev team said that they'll look into refreshing that information when a user saves.

We'll look at this whole workflow in the future when we're considering a refresh of the editor.


I would think the expected behavior would be if one editor is in a document and then another enters it there would be a notification and the option to either force the other our or to return to the previous location. Otherwise edits and drafts saved would be duplicate work.

Hey @noel,

This is the kind of workflow we're starting to consider. I'll share your feedback with the team. (And feel to expand on this if you'd like!)


This is being tracked as an open feature request.

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