Changes not being Saved as an Edit or in a Release


We're seeing some sort of bug behaviour in our repository whilst trying to update documents. Our content editors are trying to make changes to a document (in this instance involves reordering and re-adding linked documents) but when you click 'save', they're not being saved. And so the change has to be done several times before Prismic captures it as an actual edit, and saves the new version. I've tried it myself and can replicate some of the strange behaviour - I've taken a screen recording where the reordering update is saved, but not the change in linked doc. I've asked my colleague to try to capture his frustrations next time he updates the document.

This has been happening for a while, for some reason especially with our French locale. It's also affecting other locales.

Can someone advise, please? Our developers aren't doing anything with this custom type so we believe it to be a Prismic problem. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for informing us about this issue @mayayeung. Can you please send me the URL of your repository so I can raise the issue with the development team? I've sent you a message that you can see in your inbox if you prefer not to send your information publicly.