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We have a content relationship field in Prismic that is restricted to only link to a Story document type. This is not a problem when the document is in draft, but when it's saved to a release we are not able to find and link to any Story types that are not part of that release. We can see every Story when searching for a link in the Legacy Editor. DM for Jam recording and repo

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Go to Releases
Click on Issue type
Select to Add item to Featured (or Selected) Stories
Search for "Malibu" (this is an example, it's affecting all stories that are not part of the release)
Only 1 story will be returned (which is the story that is in the release)
See Jam for demonstration

I keep having this issue as well, anything found a solution?

Hello all, we are tracking logged this issue as a bug. Currently, we do not have an estimated time for when this issue will be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I wonder, is this the same issue that we are seeing over here?

It seems like it could be.

If so then it is a blocker for us making almost any edits currently. We really need a fix for this or a way to switch back to the legacy editor to be able to unblock us right now.

Yes looms like the same issue. Our client stuck with the legacy editor because of this issue, but has now been informed the legacy editor is being deprecated so everyone will be on the new version.
This issue needs to be fixed before that happens.

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Hey Team

Thanks a lot for bringing this to our attention. This has been flagged on our side as a high-priority feature improvement. We are currently revamping our search functionality, both in the document list and within documents.
As a result, we won't be able to address this immediately, but we plan to revisit it soon after the search implementation. You can expect updates on this within the next couple of weeks.

In the interim, the workaround here is to create a release version of the page and then create a content relationship.

Thanks for the update and confirming it is a bug.

Sorry Phil, I don't think I understand the work-around you are suggesting.

Say I have a content type called "playlist" that can have multiple "song" items. I already have thousands of songs released. I want to make a new scheduled release with 5 new playlists each with 10 of the songs that are already released.

  1. Create a new release called "July Playlists"
  2. Create a new "Top Hits" playlist inside the new "July Playlists" release
  3. Try to add a song to the playlist but none show up to be added and I am stuck

I don't understand what you mean "create a release version of the page", all I can think is maybe you mean I need to go through every song I want to add and make a minor edit to the document and then publish it as part of the new "July Playlists" release. Surely you are not suggesting that as a workflow?

I really hope I am misunderstanding something silly here as if this really is going to be this broken for a "couple of weeks" as you suggested then we will need to look into alternative options.

Hey Andy,

Yes that would be the workaround for someone with a smaller amount of documents to link.

For anyone with larger amounts of links to create where that is untenable, please send me a message privately with your repo URL here:

We can then re-enable the legacy editor until this is resolved.


Thanks Phil. Ticket submitted :crossed_fingers: