[BUG] Link Document - Filter by type


I'm trying to link a text part towards a document (type 'Pays') but the filter 'Pays" to search a specfic document doesn't work anymore...
Could you fix that bug ?

Thank you for your response


Hello Romain!

If I understood correctly when you're trying to use a Link or Content relationship field in a Rich text field and use the search bar, the results aren't successful, is that right?

Could you please share with us a visual example of the issue in the writing room UI?

Thanks in advance

Hi Paulina

Always better with an image :wink:



I share with you a previous post that i'm reopening this morning


Hello, thanks for the GIF; it's really convenient!

I also forgot to ask you for the URL of your repository to try and replicate this on our end. You can send it to me via dm if you prefer.


Thanks for sending over the details.

I've now passed this issue to the dev team's backlog.
They'll review it as soon as possible.