Unable to find content for linking across releases

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When editing existing content we have a workflow something like.

  • create a new release
  • move a few documents over or create new documents on the new release
  • the document on the new release has legacy slices that include links to other documents
  • try to set one of these links to a document that is known to exist and be published
  • the document can no longer be found when searching for it in the editor

This workflow used to work fine for us until we were forced on to the new editor yesterday so I'm pretty sure it's a regression. I assume what is happening is that the document search inside the editor is scoped to only documents that are present on the same release as the document being edited. But I think the logic should actually be all published documents + the current release being edited.

It is important for us that this works as we do a lot of batch edits on a release and we are currently unable to make any changes that require interlinked documents.

Impacted feature

Linking between documents in the new editor.

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

We previously raised this and were put onto the legacy editor as a workaround but it seems like that has now been reverted.


"Oops! We can't find any versions matching this request" shows in the UI where I expect to see results.

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Developer / Product Owner

Steps to reproduce

See above and some additional context and screenshots here: New writing room interface feedback. Can the legacy editor be made a permanent option? - #26 by andy5

Ideally we would like to be switched back to the legacy editor until such time as this is resolved as we are currently unable to make changes to production systems because of this issue.

+1 with this problem. Would also be keen to be reverted to the legacy editor until fixed!

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