BUG: Can't link to live document from within a release

Describe your question/issue in detail

Once a document is in a release, you can only create new links to documents that are in a release as well, not to documents that are already published.

Impacted feature

  • page builder
  • release

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

To fix it, we must

  • find the document we want to add to our master doc
  • publish it in the same release as the master doc
  • go back to master doc in the release, and select the document

It's quite long to do and is slowing down teams a lot

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Steps to reproduce

  • Put a doc in a release
  • Within this doc, try to reference another doc that is already live (in our case, it would be ebooks or quotes)
  • Notice that other documents outside of the release aren't accessible

Hi @josselin.milon ,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I will update this thread once this issue has been fixed (likely early next week).