Search not working inside Prismic page link window

We have a document type with a document relationship field. Clicking the field opens the window to select another document/page to link to but search does not work at all. This is making it impossible for us to link to certain pages.

Temporary solution is to switch to the legacy editor.

Hey @product3,

It sounds like you've got this figured out. The new Page Builder is still in beta, so some features are not yet supported or working properly. I'm going to flag this with the dev team, but in the meantime you're right to switch back to the Legacy Editor.


Thanks Sam, is there a way to switch back to legacy editor for the whole repo? Another issue where we have to switch to the legacy editor is when we need to select an image from the Media Library but cannot search.

Hi Adam,

I've disabled the Page Builder for your repository. Let me know if you need me to reactivate it at any time.


Thanks Sam, we will wait a few months until things are a bit more production ready and then reactivate. Will let you know.

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Hi @samlittlefair can you please reactivate the Page Builder on our repo. Thank you!

Hey Adam,

I've reactivated this for you now. The team is working on representing different media types better by the end of this week, you can follow that progress here:


Thank you!