Create draft from document in Release

In the legacy editor it is possible to choose which release you want to publish a document to regardless of the source document.

In the new editor, when you save a published document in the master release it becomes a draft and you can then choose which release to publish to. When you save changes in a document already in a release it's not saved to a draft and you can't later choose which release you want to publish to.

When a lot of work is done on a document between the master release and a future release and you want to create a new version based on the document in the release, this is not possible in the new editor. You'll have to base your new document on the document in the master release and do all the changes already made in the first release version.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new release
  2. Create a document and publish to the master release
  3. Make changes to the document and press save
  4. Press the calender icon next to "Publish" and select a existsing release (The one created in step 1)
  5. Make changes to the document version in the release, not the master version
  6. Press save and now only the publish button is enabled and the calender icon is not there.


When debugging the code in the editor it looks intentional, but it should be up to the editor if you want to overwrite the current release version or publish to a new release?

Please, remove line 37 in your code located in the file document/DocumentHeader/HeaderButtons/PublishButton.tsx

Hi @tobias1 , thanks for reporting the issue and for taking the time to review the code and point us in the right direction to fix it. The team is working on adding the feature and it should be available next week.

I'll update this thread when it is available.


Hello @tobias1

The feature you mentioned in this post is now available in production.

Let us know,