Updates done to documents in release are not reflecting in API

Impacted feature

  1. Document editor - Unable to save changes made to documents in a release
  2. Browser API - Unable to fetch the updates made to a document in a release

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

  1. Create a new release every time something is changed on the document (even if the previous release is not published yet)


Trying to save the document in the editor gives error 504 and shows the following message

Your Role


Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a new document
  2. Edit and save as draft
  3. Add document to a new release
  4. Check the browser API to confirm the changes are reflecting
  5. Update the document in release
  6. Click on save button (Shows the error message mentioned above)
  7. The save button is disabled and the changes are saved
  8. Query the document again from the browser API and the document is still showing the old content

Hey Team,

We're investigating :slight_smile:


We're investigating the save error.

For the API side are you clicking the refresh button to update the ref before checking?


Yes, every time an update is made to a release by editing or adding a new document, I click the refresh button to reload the refs, then use the unlock button to access the release refs and then select the specific release ref from the dropdown.

Document saving and APIs seem to be working now, was any fix deployed or any findings that can help us avoid similar situation in future?

Hi @amogh.kajaria ,

There were some changes deployed for releases. There was nothing you could do on your end, but we'll do our best to avoid this in the future.