Best way to implement one-to-many "reference content"?

Hello and happy new year, Prismic friends! I'm looking for some help implementing something Sadek mentioned in a recent meetup.

We have a good amount of "reference content" that exists on multiple pages. For example, the same testimonial/review (or blurb about our company) is used across multiple pages. Currently, that content is duplicated across every document that uses it. If we wanted to make a change to that content, we'd need to make the change on each document where it's been duplicated. Ideally, we'd have a one-to-many content relationship and be able to update the content from one document/place.

Is there any guidance on how to implement this in Prismic? I assume that we'd link from a slice to a document that holds the reference content, but any advice the community can offer (or point to) would be much appreciated!

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Hello @dan.duett

Thanks for reaching out to us.

We have discussed how to do One-to-Many relationships in the following article:

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Thanks for pointing me to the right docs, Priyanka! I suspect that this gives us everything we need. I'll circle back here if I/we have more questions.

Sure, @dan.duett, I am closing the thread now but feel free to create another thread or flag this post if you have any further questions.