Reuse a custom type slice across documents

I have a custom type called homepage and inside that page I have a slice called subscribeForm. I want to be able to use the same slice in other custom types, how do I do this in prismic. For example I want to be able to reuse the subscription component on several other pages (documents). Also in this case I also want the content I input into the subscriptForm for example title, copy etc to be the same across all the pages. Is this also possible?

I am not able to upgrade to the the slice machine approach.

Hi @tom9. I think what you need to do is create a new custom type for your subscribe form. Add all the fields that you need (probably the same ones that you created for the slice version of this). Then you can create an instance of this and populate it with the content you want to share across multiple documents. Then, update your subscribeForm slice. Remove all the fields and replace them with a content relationship field set to select documents of your new subscribe form type. Then in your homepage document (and anywhere else you need it), you can select the instance that you created and have them all pull from the same source.

You'll need to update your Prismic queries to include a fetchLinks or graphQuery so that you can pull the content from the subscribe form relationship. You can read about that here: