I hesitate to use slices


I want to use Prismic to develop a new website and I wonder if the slices are suitable for this new site.

Indeed, each page of my site is a succession of sections (= components) which are all different from one page to another.
Thus, if I use slides, I will have to create for each page as many slides as sections without the possibility of re-using the slides from one page to another.

So I think I'm going, for each page, to create as many tabs as there are sections of my page in order to be able to compartmentalize the different parts of the page anyway.

Could you tell me if my choice is correct before starting to create the custom types...?

Thank you.

Hello @ricou, thanks for reaching out.

Content modeling will always depend on your needs. We will always recommend using Slices for all use cases because they allow you to encapsulate the structure of a component so that you can repeat it as many times as necessary within your Custom Types:

If you have an image of your site, the UI, I can help you think of Content Modeling ideas.

Also, document content can always be shared between documents if you use Content Relationship fields:

Thank you.
indeed, I used the slices and I do not regret :slight_smile:

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