Reusable slice _with_ reusable content

Heya, everyone :wave: Have been working with prismic for a while now and I have gotten a real good experience till now! thank you for the good work :bowing_woman:

I have one question for you, say I am implementing this blog. I am creating this slice that I am calling "last three posts", and I want this slice and its content to be reusable. In other words I want to create this slice once with three posts and have it appear in say X different pages around my website, eg, /homepage, /about-us, /blog, /some-other-page etc. These pages are just for the explanation

Now when I change this slice's content, meaning one of the three blogs or the title, I don't want to go in every different place that I have defined this slice and change its contents, I want somehow to change it once and it reflects the changes in all the places I am using.

Now the "last three blogposts" are just an example again, it might be anything, like a click to action with some discount, that I might need to reuse in 10 different places around my website.

Hope this makes a bit of sense :) Thank you for your time :bowing_man:

Hi Christos,

Welcome to the community!

Thank you for your detailed explanation. While this isn't exactly possible as you described, there is a workaround using content relationships and GraphQuery as described here:

Otherwise, for this exact use-case, you could do a second query for the "last three posts" on your pages and have that data to use, and it will always stay up to date that way.

Let me know if this helps.