Reuse slice content

I want to be able to reuse slices - content and all - and plug them into different documents. Is it possible to reuse these slices filled with content, rather than just the slice template? Is it possible for content creators to do this in the editor without code?

Hello Chloe,

Welcome to the Prismic community.

This is not possible to reuse slice content at the moment in the Prismic. If I imagine your use-case, you have the same content on multiple pages. To achieve this, you can create another custom-type, add fields and fill in the content. Then you can build relationships between content types with the help of the Content-relationship field. For this, you need to change your code too.

Let me know If I understood your use-case, If not, please elaborate on your use-case, so that I can give some concrete examples after analyzing.

Looking forward to hearing from you back.


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