BUG - limits on the amount of text data that can exist in a slices' items?


I'm currently working on a project where we're looking to implement Lottie animations.

Following this thread, we've managed to get the animations working across most of our slices.

For one particular slice, we are experiencing issues with saving the JSON data. This is the only slice where we are using the JSON field in an 'item', rather than in the 'primary' are of the slice. We've managed to add the JSON data for one of the items, but for subsequent items I'm continuously getting an error that says "Error while saving your changes - Click to retry" (see screenshot).

Is there any way for this issue to be investigated? I suspect we could be hitting some sort of limit on the amount of text that can be contained within the slices' items?

Screenshot 2022-11-09 at 10.56.16

Hello @david.al.fox, usually this error appears when there are issues with the network.
What's the URL of your repository?

Hi @Pau

I don't believe it's a network issue as we've tried this with two different users, multiple times, hours apart and we're getting the same error message.

The repo is https://rosetta-marketing-website.prismic.io

Are you getting any other errors or warnings on the screen?
Could you please send us a screenshot of the console in the browser?

I'm getting a 413 status code in the console when I try to save

Thanks for the update. I'll share this information with the team. We'll return when we have more information.

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Hello team. Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi @Pau

I've just tried again and nothing seems to have changed as we are still experiencing this issue.



Could you tell us a bit more about your use case, a step-by-step description can be useful so we can reproduce the error on our end.

Hi @Pau

We have a slice which contains items which have JSON fields (for Lottie animations).

For an instance of the slice in one of our documents, I was able to add the JSON code to the JSON field and save without an issue.

There are two other items in the slice which also have JSON fields that we want to populate, but whenever we do that, we are getting the save error. The process we are following:

  • Select all of the JSON code from the existing item and copy

  • Go to the next item along and select the JSON field, paste the data

  • Click save on the document

You can use JSON code in many places inside your repository or in Slice Machine. Could you show us a visual example of this?

@Pau please see: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Thanks for the video example. Could you please paste the JSON code here, or in a CM, if you prefer? We'd like to run a test on our end.

Hi @Pau

I tried to paste the code in here but got the following error:
An error occurred: Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 119773.

Please find file attached - it's a plain txt file but I had to zip it in order to be able to upload it here.

json.zip (18.1 KB)

Hello @david.al.fox, thanks for sending that over. I've managed to reproduce the error, and I've raised this to the relevant team. They'll review it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, I can recommend you add the JSON as a file in the Media Library or create a designated Custom Type only for JSON files. This way, the text limit length isn't reached as easily. Then, you can add a Content Relationship field instead of a Rich Text field in the JSON Animation Data Field in the Splash Section Slice of the Landing Page Custom Type.

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