Bug while pasting embed code

Embedding a Vimeo URL (probably others too) only works when using keyboard “ctrl+v” (or “cmd+v” on mac).

If I right-click and paste using the context menu, then nothing happens. The change is not detected, so we cannot save or publish.

This is experienced in Chrome 83 on OSX & Windows 10.


Hi Thomas,

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Thank you for reporting this to us, I’ve tested that and I could reproduce the issue, so I have created a bug in our issue tracker and we will keep you updated.


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We’ve noticed the same issue this morning, watching to see the bug fix progress.

A client of mine just came across this problem as well.

He uses Prismic while on the road working and can’t copy/paste into a field on iPhone or iPad unless he brings a keyboard with him, which isn’t good.

Hey Everyone,

Just an update on the situation. The team worked on a fix and it’s in the queue to be reviewed and tested. As soon as this moves to the next stage we’ll update you here.


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Just an update this has passed the tests and is in the queue to be deployed.

Hi there,

This issue have been fixed along with some other fixes, please send me a direct message with your repository name if you need to have an early release of the fix.


I have checked with our Production team and they confirmed that this issue has been fixed and released for all clients.