Bug in Image Alt Text Copy / Paste

Prismic team:

Our client with your product has noticed a persistent bug in your dashboard UI. Copy and paste into the Image Alt Text field does not work reliably. I have confirmed the bug on Chrome v87 and Safari v14 for MacOS Catalina. This would be a good one to resolve.


Hello John, thanks for reaching out. Could you please share with me some more details about this issue? I tried to reproduce this on my side but found no errors.

  • Which steps did you took to found this?
  • What's the URL of your repository and the name of the field / slice where this is happening
  • Also, If you could provide me with a screen recording of the error, it'll help a lot


1- Create new content with a Rich Text field
2- Add picture within Rich Text field
3- Copy content from another application (Google Docs, Word, VS Code, etc)
4- Paste into 'alt text' field
5- Image with either disappear of the paste action will do nothing

Repo URL:

Screen recording:

Hi John,

This is a known issue being tracked here (We also provide a workaround there):

If we have any update on this we'll update you in that thread.


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