Cannot paste text in image alt (in image tag inside rich text field)

Hello ! I have a bug to report: when editing an image inside a rich text field, I cannot past content into the alt field of said image, it replaces the image totally. (chrome on macos).

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Thanks for posting us and I'll be happy to look into this. I need more information about this. It would be really helpful if you can share a screen recording of this issue with us.


Here you go:

Thanks for sharing this video with us and I can reproduce the issue too. It seems that we can’t copy paste in alt text. I'll let the product team know about this bug.

For the moment, you can type the alt text directly in the alt text field instead of copy paste.

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This is a limitation of the library that we use for RichText. We will see if they fixed that in the latest version.

The workaround is to type the text in to the field or to paste the text first in to the alt text field of the image in the library and reselect the image.

Even better we would suggest building your pages with Slices and not using images in Rich Text fields.