Unable to Copy & Paste Alt text fields

Hello Prismic team,

I've got a bit of a frustrating issue that's keeping efficiency from being all that it can be.

I'm going through all of my existing pages and manually exporting Meta Title, Meta description and IMG ALT text to an outside excel sheet. I'm able to copy and paste the Meta fields with no issues, but for some reason when I attempt to copy the alt text data from beneath an image on a page, I am not able to paste it anywhere else. Also, it's strange that this happens with some images and not all of them.

Then, when I attempt to paste information back into ALT text fields in those same images, I cannot. Attempting to paste anything in there deletes the image.

Both of these issues combined, make a simple copy and paste operation turn into physically having to type all of the information, a very tedious task.

Is there a fix?

Thank you.

Hello Lody,

Welcome to the Prismic community and thank you for reaching out to us.

This is a known issue. Our product team will work and this will be fixed in future versions.

Workaround: The workaround now is to add the alt tags in the media library before inserting them in the rich text field or you can type the alt text directly in the field.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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