Bug with collections: can't add more types

I have a custom collection which has a few document types associated. If I choose to edit it, there's no "..." for me to add more types. I only see the "..." again if I remove all types from the filter, then refresh the page. Then I can add more again. This is really frustrating.

Meanwhile, why do the types get deleted if I click on the text of one? There's an "x" to delete, I didn't expect it to immediately delete one if I click somewhere other than the "x"! With auto-save and no undo. Annoying.

Hey Bart,

Thanks for pointing this out. I was able to recreate both of these issues. I agree it seems very frustrating. I'm passing this to the dev team and hopefully, this is something they can get to in the near future. If/when anything changes we'll update you here. :slight_smile: