Bug with integration field API

I'm trying to push the following to integration API write

    url: 'https://if-api.prismic.io/if/write/nookah--pricing_packages',
    method: 'post',
    data: '[{"id":"prod_JgN38pnqaGq5fD","title":"Version Jeuns","description":null,"image_url":"https://files.stripe.com/links/MDB8YWNjdF8xRVgyTlRIMnl5Qk1ZZk1afGZsX3Rlc3RfYlp3M3BYekVWMXF6OWRPemFqeTdZYXcy00JiIl7mkI","last_update":1623855960,"blob":{"data":{"id":"prod_JgN38pnqaGq5fD","object":"product","active":true,"attributes":[],"created":1623855960,"description":null,"images":["https://files.stripe.com/links/MDB8YWNjdF8xRVgyTlRIMnl5Qk1ZZk1afGZsX3Rlc3RfYlp3M3BYekVWMXF6OWRPemFqeTdZYXcy00JiIl7mkI"],"livemode":false,"metadata":{},"name":"Version Jeuns","package_dimensions":null,"shippable":null,"statement_descriptor":null,"type":"service","unit_label":null,"updated":1623855960,"url":null},"plan":{"id":"price_1J30JZH2yyBMYfMZOAlz3ApJ","amount":2200}}}]',

I'm getting body is missing or malformated…

No idea why

HI Andréas,

Welcome to the Prismic community,

I have checked the JSON you are sending, and for me probably there have fields in your call that don't exist in your custom type.

Is the repository name you are trying to push to is "nookah"?

Looking forward to your reply,

Hello, thanks :slight_smile:

That's it, nookah.

But I've no idea why it wouldn't exist, as it's a custom integration field. Maybe it might be about the description being sent as null ?

Hello @codingspark, I did find an error and it seems it's because there's an extra coma in the JSON. Have you been able to sort this out?

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