Integration Fields Custom API Error but no further data available

Hi, I am trying to setup Integration Fields, but my custom integration returns an error on sync. Unfortunately there is no data available on what type the error is.
My custom API returns the following json:

    "results": [
            "id": 1166,
            "title": "Dulcea Infinity Scarf",
            "description": "description",
            "image_url": "",
            "last_update": "1509364426938",
            "blob": {
                "sku": "VA01",
                "title": "Dulcea Infinity Scarf",
                "description": "description",
                "image_url": ""
... 49 more
    "result_size": 1166

Can somebody from support check what the real error is, it will be great if this error can be printed somewhere in the admin panel.
Thank you.

Hello @test.johnwalker, welcome to the Prismic forum!
I'll be happy to help you today. Could you please send me the following details so I can run a test on my end?

  • URL of your repository
  • URL of your Custom API
  • A screenshot of the error after trying to sync


Hi, can somebody please check the content of the error, thank you?

Hello @test.johnwalker hello @Pau
I have found errors with John's Integration fields :

        "id":"Invalid type for id in item 0 in page 1. Found Type: number || Expected type: string",
        "last_update":"Invalid type for last_update in item 0 in page 1. Found Type: string || Expected type: number"

This error is the same for all the 50 items in the catalog.
@test.johnwalker can you make sure that the last_update field returns a number and not a string, please?

Thank you @antoine.gilbert your help is really appreciated.
Please take time and update the documentation at - Set up Integration Fields - Prismic
Correct property name is not "result_size" but "results_size".
Correct value for property "results[index].last_update" is integer not string

Thank you for the feedback, John. We've updated the Integration field's document.

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