BUG : Integration fields Custom API issues

Hello there !
we’re using the custom API integration fields to easily add products on some documents, but we’re facing issue concerning some products that dont appear on our result window. But unfortunately those products appears on our API results. Those products are new but they appear on the other results pages.

We think, this should be a cache problem. when we choose some product in the integration field, we see the old image displaying in field preview, but when we check the page the new image is displayed.

Thank you for your Help

Hi Team,

Can you share with us your custom API endpoint and your prismic repository URL so that we can investigate? You can send it in a private message to @Team-Education or to me.

Also can you tell us when you updated you custom API catalogue?


Hi Team,

Thanks for sending the extra information.

You are correcting in thinking that the integration field is updated every 30min. I’ve passed this to the dev team so that we can investigate further. Once I have more information I’ll update you here.

One thing that could be helpful is if you could tell us the name of a product that isn’t being updated in the integration field.


Hello thank you for your help, here is few products that aren’t being updated in the integration field.

ID: 17003 / name: Lot de 1 gel nettoyant purifiant 200 ml + 1 lotion purifiante 200 ml

ID : 17568 / name :Gluco Chondro 2700 - lot 2 x 60 comprimés

ID : 17661 / name : Super Protéines Vegan Pistache - 400 g

ID : 17710 / name : Complexe Mémoire avec COGNIVIA - 60 gélules

But those product may not appear on the first page of results and as far as our API is frequently updated, i can’t tell you on which page precisely you can find those products

Perfect thank you. This is really useful and will help us debug. Once I know more I’ll get back to you here.

No problem, let me know if you need anything else that could help you to figure out what the problem is.

i’m coming back to you to see if you have any leads or any feedback from your dev team concerning our API problem. Our market team is waiting on this particular feature… :frowning:
Just wanted to know if this problem was from your side or our ^^

Best regards

Hey nothing yet, I’m waiting on a reply once I know more I’ll let you know.

Hello, we still have no news concerning our problem with integration fields, could you please tell us, if your team have any leads, our market team is on our back on this subject and i cannot give them any answer :slightly_frowning_face:


Hello, sorry for the late reply.

The dev team has your request, we’ve added a priority tag to your issue and we’ll give you news about this next week.


Thank you for the answer, please let me know as soon as you get any leads please.
Our market team is still waiting for this features and we can’t give them any visibility :frowning:


Of course, we’ll let you know as soon as this is handled.

Thank you for your patience

Hello @tech2,

I looked at your issue and here is the result of my investigation.
It’s a mix of problems here:

  • products 17003/17568/17710 are not even in your API, you can check this here: http://integration-fields.herokuapp.com
  • product 17661 is in the prod API that is synced on your repo onateraprod but the custom type reference another Integration Field coming from your other repo onateratest. it’s another catalog with a different endpoint and the sync is in error.

Also we noticed that the total of products changes from one refresh to another between 6643 and 6644 that’s weird too but here it is not related to this issue anyway.

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I’m such an idiot, you’re totally right, i copied/pasted the integration field JSON from my Dev repo to Prod and forgot to change the repo in the catalog config field…
thank you very much for your help !

And thank you for your integration field validator, it will be very useful !


You’re very welcome :wink: