Integrations Fields - Push data to Prismic, can't see data in Prismic UI

I am testing the custom api integration field. I sent a POST request for a sample product, got a 200 OK response, but I can't see it in the Prismic UI.

I POST:ed the following:
"id": "1",
"title": "Test",
"description": "Test",
"image_url": "",
"last_update": 1591670070,
"blob": {}

What could be the problem?

Hey @jocke ,

I see that your blob is empty. Does it make a difference if you add some content? That's the payload that gets added to the document.


I see that it's working now, maybe I just needed to wait for while...

Okay. It should be almost immediate, so let me know if it happens again and we can try to debug it :slight_smile:


This issue has been closed as it has been fixed, Flag if it is not the case for you to reopen.