Integration field : display blob data in Prismic UI

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I use the write API Integration Field and everything works fine (post/write). My question is how to display in Prismic UI the data from the "blob" node ? As I can see I only have acces to "Title" and "Description" in my custom type which use my Integration Field.
Here is what is send :

    id: `Test ${id}`,
    title: `Test title ${id}`,
    description: `Test from ${dayjs().format('DD/MMYYYY HH:mm')}`,
    blob: {
      user: uid,
      question_1: 'Question 1',
      question_2: 'Question 2',

Thanks for your help !

Hello @slegouffe

Welcome back to the Prismic Forum, and thanks for reaching out to us.

The title and the description of the item will only be available in the Prismic UI. The data from the blob node appears in the Prismic API response. You can see this data in the REST API browser when you hit the URL of your repository like this:

I will let my @features-team know about this for future improvements as It's not currently possible to display the blob node in the Prismic UI.

Please find more detail about the integration field in the setup article.

Let me know if you have any further questions related to it.


Hi Priyanka !

Thank for your answer and the links.


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Hi, I'm using an integration field in a content type to provide dynamic select values from an external endpoint.

When I fetch the content, contrary to what specified in documentation (Set up Integration Fields - Prismic), I'm only getting the title and description properties of the integration field intead of the full object that should be something like this:

  "id": "my_item_id",
  "title": "Item Title",
  "description" : "Description of the item.",
  "image_url" : "http://...",
  "last_update" : 1509364426938,
  "blob": {
    "sku": "827",
    "title": "First Item",
    "description": "Description of first item...",
    "image_url": "https://..."

I need to get also the id and blob, how can I have all the integration field properties in response?
Do I have to set some property in the query? Is there a fetchLinks functionality also for integration fields?


Hello Andrea,

Welcome to the Prismic community, and thanks for reaching out to us.

The question is already have answered in the above thread and tracked as a feature request.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


My question is a little bit different.

I'm not asking to show the blob object in the Prismic UI but in the API response instead.
Why there are so many properties if when I fetch API's I'm only gettting title and description in the response payload?


Hello @and.vigani

I apologize for not answering precisely. There is no fetchLinks functionality for integration fields. You will get the title, description, and blob data under the API response's integration field API ID. Specifically, blob will not be mentioned in the API response.
For example, here is an API response of simple IF:

Does that answer your question? Let me know if you have any further questions.


I didn't get it.
I'm fetching by uid a custom type that contains an integration field (called "mode").

The response looks like this, as you can see, the "mode" field only returns title and description, and not also id, image_url and blob:

How can I also retrieve those properties?


Hello @and.vigani

I need more information:

  1. Can you see blob data in the Rest API browser? You can check Rest API browser by hitting the URL: Learn more about Rest API browser.
  2. Can you share the Prismic repo with me? You can send me a private message to me.


Hello, @and.vigani

So I have checked your IF endpoint. Your Custom API format must be compatible with Integration Fields. You need to add SKU, Id, image_url under the blob object. Learn more about how to create a Custom API format. .

Let me know if you have any other questions.