Integration Fields

Hi, I'm using an integration field in a content type to provide dynamic select values from an external endpoint.

When I fetch the content, contrary to what specified in documentation (Set up Integration Fields - Prismic), I'm only getting the title and description properties of the integration field intead of the full object that should be something like this:

  "id": "my_item_id",
  "title": "Item Title",
  "description" : "Description of the item.",
  "image_url" : "http://...",
  "last_update" : 1509364426938,
  "blob": {
    "sku": "827",
    "title": "First Item",
    "description": "Description of first item...",
    "image_url": "https://..."

I need to get also the id and blob, how can I have all the integration field properties in response?
Do I have to set some property in the query? Is there a fetchLinks functionality also for integration fields?


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