Bug with prismic slice label

Hi, I am currently working with various slices, some of which have a label called 'Layout 2' and it happens that sometimes after changing other slices (without even touching this label), those labels disappear.

They are not removed from the documents, but they are gone from these slices and our team can't label them any more.

Is there any info you need to fix this bug? It has happened many times and we have to go and add the same label on all these slices one by one.


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Hi @alejo

Thanks for reaching out.

I will try to investigate and reproduce this issue, and to do so; I will need some more information, such as some screen recordings or screenshots, your repository name, the name of the custom type + slice + label, and your repository name (you can share that in a private message if necessary ).

Looking forward to your reply,

I have the exact same problem as you (posted this bug back in April - Slice Labels have completely disappeared) but there hasn't been a follow up from the Prismic team.

I'd suggest to move away from Slice Labels and use a select field, which does the exact same thing as slice labels, but they won't disappear

Thanks, @kris, for mentioning that, and yes, using Slice variations can respond to @alejo inquiry; and I'm done some research, and in fact, this is a known issue, and we already have an issue for this in our issue tracker, and I have reached out to our dev team to follow up on it.