I can't use labels in my slices

Hello, everyone!

I have been trying to use labels to make this but when a click in "save model to filesystem" my labels are erased.

  "id": "paragraphs",
  "type": "SharedSlice",
  "name": "Paragraphs",
  "description": "Paragraphs",
  "variations": [
      "id": "default",
      "name": "Default",
      "docURL": "...",
      "version": "sktwi1xtmkfgx8626",
      "description": "Paragraphs",
      "primary": {},
      "items": {
        "paragraphs": {
          "type": "StructuredText",
          "config": {
            "multi": "paragraph,preformatted,heading1,heading2,heading3,heading4,heading5,heading6,strong,em,hyperlink,image,embed,list-item,o-list-item,rtl",
            "allowTargetBlank": true,
            "placeholder": "passe",
            "label": "Paragraphs",
            "labels": ["right-align", "center-align"]
      "imageUrl": "https://images.prismic.io/slice-machine/621a5ec4-0387-4bc5-9860-2dd46cbc07cd_default_ss.png?auto=compress,format"

Hey there @souzamatheus8174.

You only need to push the changes to Prismic because you're already modifying 'the filesystem" manually. Can you try saving it to the file system first and then adding the labels?