Cannot Change Repository Owner

Hi there,

Needing to update our repository owner. We have attempted to update this ourselves but receive an error message stating that we don't have permission to do so. The current owner no longer works for the business and therefore we are unable to login under their account.

Please advise how we go about updating this.


Hi @rebecca.jones

Thanks for reaching out.

In order to do this change, I would need your repository name (you can share it in a private message if necessary)

Looking forward to your reply,

Hi @rebecca.jones
Can you please list:

  • old owner
  • new owner
  • repository name

Note: you can share it in a private message if necessary

Hi @Fares, I have noticed the above has not been updated. I have sent you a message with the details. Can you please advise once done. Thanks

Hello @rebecca.jones, to help you transfer the ownership of a repository we'll need one (ideally, two) active admin users from the repository to send a formal request to We will ask you for the following information:

  • The repository ID

  • The email of the new owner

  • An email confirmation from the new owner

For privacy reasons, we will remove the configured credit card. Therefore the new owner will need to update their credit card information and let us know when done. Let me know if the procedure above is feasible from your side, and we can then proceed.

Hello @Pau. Thank your for your response. I have sent a request to the email mentioned as instructed. Is there anyway to get this expedited as we are wanting this resolved ASAP so we can continue to use our account? Thanks

Hey there, we'll attend your request as soon as possible.

Hi Fares.

Can you please help me change the "Repository Owner" from one of our staff who has left to myself?

Hey @franki, you need to follow these instructions: