Cannot Embed anything in Rich Text

I'm trying to embed a facebook page in the rich text editor by pasting the facebook url (Wild Trek - Avventure in cammino | Voghera) and I get the following error:

If I then try to save, the embed field is not saved. Any way to solve this?

Did you want to embed the entire Facebook page into this page?

If you need to make an embed that isn't supported by the RichText embed option, you'll have to make your own custom embed.

Here's another post where I helped someone use the custom embed to add a third-party form to their pages through a slice.

Buona fortuna!

@nf_mastroianni Nope, I don't want to emped the entire page (is an example), I'm just saying that whatever thing I try to embed throws an error, aka the embed field doesn't work at all.

If you see the console error it says invalid type, expected string, received undefined (but I'm pasting a string), so I believe the field is broken (that's the zod validation that for whatever reason is throwing).

@Phil Any guesses?

Is your link oembed spec?