Can't add slice to custom type -- CORS error when opening Slice Zone Modal

I’m trying to add a slice zone to a custom type. I already have a slice called “SEO”. I turn on the Slice Zone for my custom type, but when I click the “Add a Slice” button, the subsequent modal is totally empty (image attached for reference). In my network requests I see that Prismic is firing two requests to which are both resulting in CORS errors (image attached). These requests get fired immediately when the modal is opened.

Because the modal is empty I'm unable to add my SEO slice to my custom type. I believe it's connected the CORS issues on the network requests.

Hi Kristen,

I'm sorry to see you're running into this issue. I'm looking into it with the team now.

Did you manage to successfully push your Slice to Prismic from the local Slice Builder?


It seems you don't have any shared slices here.

I was able to get it working at first from prismic itself, but not from slice machine while developing. Then all of a sudden it stopped working.

I do in some. In the Collection type for example, under SEO I have a slice added called SEO that's been saved to my shared slices.

OK, we were able to recreate the Slice Machine library error on our side.

For the Shared Slices, I'm I right in saying that you can see the 'Shared Slices' tab in one custom type, but not in the other?

I can't see the shared slices tab in any of them, but in the ones where I was able to add the SEO slice before the shared slices disappeared, I can still see the SEO slice. I also can see the Slice Machine tab, but it's empty.

OK, understood thank you very much.

Hey Kristen,

We pushed a fix for this. Can you confirm that it's working?


Yep it's working now. Thank you!

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