Can't fetch blog posts

I am using the Nuxt 2.13 with a static website and I am having problem navigating to blog posts.

All I get are these payload.json errors:
But once I page refresh the post I’m at, it shows the blog post.

The project is built from the nuxt/prismic tutorial, the only difference is that I am using the newest Nuxt version.

I know the error is coming from the plugin.js file inside the /modules/static/ folder, which calls the error.vue component inside /layouts. But I don’t understand what’s wrong and how to fix this.

Could someone help me?

It works if I remove the module '@/modules/static' from nuxt.config.js. But I don’t want to remove something I don’t understand.

Can anyone explain what the crawler and static modules are for? And if I need them?

Hi Julian,

I believe the static module was used for full static before nuxt export came with v2.12. So if you are on 2.13 and the project works when you remove this module then it should be fine, as long as all your pages are generated. I think this also goes for the crawler module.

Let me know how it goes.


Yes, this seem to be the case. It works without the static and crawler modules.

Great, I’ll update our sample projects to the latest Nuxt and get rid of these modules. :slight_smile:

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