Can't fetch linked page content in preview

I want to display linked page content on a preview page, but the preview URL only contains a document-specific ref value, preventing me from fetching the linked page content. Is there any way to do this?

I believe the preview URL used to contain a release ref value and I could fetch the linked page content belong to the same release. Has something changed with recent UI update?

Greetings @watanabe and welcome back.

Is the linked page a published document or is it also a draft (unpublished)? I’m guessing that it’s also unpublished. If that’s the case, I think the way to achieve your preview is to add both documents to a release, and then use the release’s “Preview Release” button. This will include all documents that have been added to the release.

What do you think?

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I am a colleague of watanabe and thank you for your reply.

We prefer to use the "Preview Release" button without having to navigate to the target page, as it is more convenient to review the current page we are editing. (This is also a request from our clients.)

Around last year, we were able to retrieve the release reference values from the preview URL, but now we cannot. We would like to know whether this change is due to a specification update or a bug.

For now, we have a workaround, but it would be preferable for us if the preview URL included the release reference values.

Hi @fujita ,

I'm not entirely sure I understand your process. Were you doing a query for the release reference in your website project rather than clicking the preview button?

Hi @Phil

I apologize for not being able to accurately convey the situation earlier due to deficiencies in my listening and other factors. Let me explain the details again.

We operate a service that publishes a monthly magazine on the web using Prismic. The Releases feature of Prismic is very valuable to us when issuing each month's issue.

We create a release for each issue, and this release contains multiple articles. We use the preview feature to check these articles before releasing them.
We check the preview by pressing the following buttons for both the old and new UIs.

Current UI: preview button
New UI: preview button

The part of the URL that has changed between the old and new UIs is presumably the value of the release's Ref.

The value thought to be the Ref in the URL of the old UI is included in the list of the API browser, but the Ref of the new UI's URL does not seem to be included in the API browser's list.

I believe that eventually, we will transition to the new UI, and the old UI will no longer be available. We want to know if this change in the preview URL is a specification or a bug because if it's a specification, we will need to change the preview process for our clients.

Thanks for the extra information. It helps a lot.

I'm investigating further with the team.

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I've made a bug report you can follow here :slight_smile:

Thank you! I appreciate your assistance.