Is it possible to differentiate between different types of preview?

The preview button lets you preview pages at different stages (for example published, saved-but-not-yet-published, and scheduled-to-be-published). How can the preview endpoint differentiate these so it can eventually redirect the user to a different URL for each?

For example, let's say I have an about page.

  1. Clicking the preview when the page is published would go to
  2. Clicking the preview when changes have been made and saved, but not published would go to
  3. Clicking the preview when it's a scheduled release would go to, for example

The point of this is that the end user is made aware through the URL what they are viewing (e.g. published page vs scheduled preview for a particular date).

Is this possible? I can see that the preview token has different structure seemingly based on the type, e.g. separators like : or ~, could these be used to figure out what type of preview this is? Is the token structure documented somewhere?

Hey Martin, welcome to the forum!

The Preview button adds a cookie when a user hits the preview button. This cookie contains the preview ref needed to call the API and receive the proper content. You can know if the preview comes from a release / draft or from a published version by the name displayed in the Toolbar. e.g Let's say you share the preview link with your client:

A live version, will have the title "Live now":

A release will hold the name of the current release where you started the preview from:

And a draft will have the Display Name of the document as the Toolbar title:

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