Cant translate - This group lang doesn't exist


I have a problem when importing a big chunk of translated documents and i get a few errors on some documents saying "Cannot import file. This group lang doesn't exist". My destination locale is set in the Prismic settings "Translations & locales".

I can also see in my snapshot that the "non existing" grouplang actual exist in some documents with a different locale.

Hi Philip,

Welcome to the community!

I'll be happy to debug this with you.

Can you send me in a private message (click my profile image), your repo URL and the file that you're trying to import.

Also very importantly can you tell me:

  1. are these documents are of the same custom type?
  2. how many of these documents are you trying to import?


Hey @victor.springer,

We are also dealing with that here. Can you send me your repo URL and the files that you are trying to import in a private message?


Hey @victor.springer,

I think your issue might be in the naming of the file, for example the group lang is:


but the file says


notice the small ‘a’ on the file name, this might cause a grouplang doesn’t exist error?

Can you confirm?

Hello @Phil,

I think this is not the issue, because this file for example gives the same error: (2.4 KB)

OK, I'm investigating further with a colleague.