Cannot translate - grouplang doesn't exists

Hi -
I am trying to translate from “ja-jp” to “en-in”. However when i import it tells me the grouplang doesn’t exist although there is a field of grouplang.
My master locale is “en-us” - it doesn’t contain any content.

Can you help?

Hi Yossin,

Have you created the locale “en-in” in your repository before doing this import? I think that might be the issue.

Yes. I created it long before I wanted to translate

השג את Outlook עבור iOS

Can you forward us your import file so we can help debug this?

here is the content of the file:
“type” : “instrument”,
“grouplang”: “XsKGVhEAAMK18CF9”
“id” : “25135”,
“instrument_type” : “3”,
“name” : “米国500”,
“other” : “47”,
“base” : “98”,
“symbol” : “SNP/USD”,
“tags” : ,
“lang” : “en-in”
the file name is called: translate_XsKGVhEAAMK18CF9_en-in.json

my guess is that it searches for the grouplang in the master locale.
In this case the master locale should not have anything.


So the grouplang ID maybe looks too long. Can you send me an export zip (in a private message), so I can compare it to the import zip?

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