GroupLang ID causing conflict in import job

Hi team,
@purchasing have faced issues when trying to import a new set of documents localized in Chinese for the imminent roll out of their app in China.

The interface returns a GroupLang ID conflict but this ID seems to be shown nowhere for the user to bypass or avoid it. (see screenshot here)

Hi Antoine, @purchasing

Thanks for posting this question to us.

I'll be happy to debug this with you.

Can you send me in a private message your repo URL, and the file that you're trying to import?

I am looking forward to hearing from you back.



Hi @Priyanka ,

Thanks for taking care of this.
Dean @purchasing sent me an email telling us that he may have found a solution to his problem

Hi Antoine, I resolved the issue by manually copying all of the documents that were in conflict from English to simplified Chinese, then I remove them from my zipped export in json, and then I re-uploaded all of them in the zipped archive. The conflict is resolved, but again, this process is a little too manual for my liking. Thanks for making the support ticket for me, looking forward to a more automated resolution path.

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