Import file name identifier - grouplang

I am updating a group of documents using the export/import feature.

I noticed that when exporting documents the grouplang corresponds to the first part of the corresponding file name and in the documentation, it says that it needs to keep the file name when reimporting.

Does it need to keep the entire file name or just the grouplang identifier? What happens if I just name the files “${grouplang}1.json”, “${grouplang}2.json”, etc.?

Hi @jjames.home, are you updating documents you just exported? If so, then you don’t need to change the file name at all. Just make your changes to the JSON document and import with the same filename :slight_smile:

Hi @levi,
I have two a JSON files which contain over 400 entries which indicate the changes necessary on their counterparts. I do not want to modify them individually as you might imagine.

I have been trying to merge them with JS but haven't been very successful yet.

So, would it not work if I did not include the grouplang ?

@jjames.home I believe that the file name needs to remain the exact same. I don't fully understand what you're trying to do, so maybe you could run a small test to see if what you're trying works or not, though.

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