Imported Media item naming

Is there a way to predefine the name of imported images during the batch import? We are about to import 2000+ documents into Prismic, each with 6+ images in each document. Some guidance would be good as we cannot find anything in the developer docs. Currently, we see the following. The ideal would be to name them the title of the document as a fallback - that will help us catalogue. Screenshot 2021-01-24 at 17.17.25|690x421

Hi there,

I'm looking into this and waiting for some confirmations from my team.

I will get back to you soon,

I've tried to do an import of Images located in the same zip file and referenced in a JSON file and it works.
The filename of the imported Image in the media library was the exact name of the file imported.

In fact, the Import/Export feature doesn't have a way to name those files by the name of the document.

but what you can do is to create a small script the do the job by taking the UID (or the title) included in each JSON file and rename the file with it.

Please let us know if that helps or if you need any further assistance.

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