CDN: Grabbing product image links only


we are currently looking into whether the primisc CMS is an option for us.

In doing so, we have stumbled upon an issue that has the potential to be a show stopper.
It is about the integration of our EPR and the CDN/Media library.

Current Integration:
All product images are currently located at the Cloudinary CDN in a dedicated folder like /product/sku/ .
The ERP always searches for the SKU in the /product folder via Cloudinary API and imports all hits/links. By having the ERP only search in the /products/ folder, it is ensured that the ERP really only imports links to product images and not links to content images etc.


How can we import all product image links from the prismic CDN / Media Library in an automated way and assign the image links to the correct SKU in the ERP in an automated way? What possibilities do you see in connection with prismic? Is there an API available?

Thanks a lot



Hey Alexander, welcome to the Community!

At the moment, there is no API that allows you to see all the existing Images in your repository. The most similar is the Import / Export feature. You can do an Export of all your documents with all the images associated with them. This solution has its disadvantages, since, once you have your exported documents, you will need a script that finds all the fields Image to save the URL of each one.

Hey Pau,
thanks a lot for your feedback.
Means there is no option to get all CDN links of product images right?

That's correct.

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